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My classes draw upon my experience with countertechnique, gaga, acrobatics, partnering and floorwork. Through improvisational tasks and set exercises we will increase body awareness, improve coordination, and explore new physical sensations. I aim to challenge both the mind and body by using tasks and imagery to push the limits of our physicality. We will use music, groove, imagination, and memory to connect to our passion for dance.  

Class Origins, Music Rights, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
I want to acknowledge the work of the artists and teachers who have influenced my class. Nothing I have shared is exclusively my own but rather something which I have inherited, digested, and re-shared from my own understanding. My class comes from my experience with gaga, countertechnique, wee dance company, my teachers Summer Lee Rhatigan, Christian Burns, Alex Ketley, and countless others. The tree position comes from Chi Gong and my use of it is from the Towards Vivencia methodology. 

I am grateful for the artists and musicians whose work I use in my classes. I rely heavily upon the inspiration and drive I receive from music in class. It is important to me that I acknowledge that this music is almost exclusively from artists who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Too often the work of BIPOC artists are used without credit and in the dance world they are disproportionately excluded. Therefore, it is important to me that I honor their work and their contributions and influence on my work and I will be donating a portion of my fee to The International Association for Blacks in Dance, an organization devoted to diversity, equity, inclusion and access. I say this so that I am accountable to you, the dance community, and my larger communities.


Beginner Contemporary Class
Thursdays from 18:10 - 19:40

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Photo Julia Maria Klotz

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