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We all have a dance inside us, a dance that is innate, intrinsic, and constant. This class is both a collective experience and an individual journey into that dance. Jam Class rides along the arc of a playlist, moving from slow to upbeat, gentle to ecstatic.

The body simultaneously finds itself both old and young, wise and experienced, as it delves into the essence of jamming at any age. Through memory, imagination, and music we will explore and connect to our personal dance, groove and the joy that fuels it.

JAM class was developed by Malinda LaVelle at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance. 


In this workshop we will practice listening to ourselves, our body, and our instincts, while maintaining awareness of our environment and allowing ourselves to be influenced and affected by those around us. We will explore different ways to listen and interact with a partner, a group, and with the space. Within the group we will research decision making, resolving conflict, desire, compromise, and states of flow. We will work with leading and following, sharing weight, spatial awareness, musicality, reacting and interacting with our physical environment. 

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